Shauna Fjaagesund

Special Projects Manager

About Shauna Fjaagesund

MBA Health Sector Management, Chartered Board of Director (C.Dir)

Shauna Fjaagesund has a focus in research and business development as Special Projects Manager for Health Developments Corporation. She has 7+ years of experience as a corporate board of director at Innovation Place, which built and operated two research and technology parks in Saskatchewan, Canada.
She continues to facilitate university-industry partnerships in Queensland, as a member of the University of the Sunshine Coast Academic Board.

Shauna brings with her extensive work experience (9+ years) in government relations at a provincial (Saskatchewan and British Columbia), state (Queensland) and federal (Canada) level. She also has owned her own small businesses in the areas of property management and financial planning. Shauna
continues her interest in health innovation and research as a PhD candidate at the University of Southern Queensland.

Shauna possesses an MBA in Health Sector Management through the University of the Sunshine Coast and holds a Chartered Board Director (C. Dir.) designation through McMaster University.