Health Developments Corporation

Health Developments Corporation (HDC) is a professional services company that provides tailored healthcare solutions. Our professional team facilitates the delivery of a range of healthcare and health infrastructure related programs, along with health-oriented developments.

HDC can help plan and establish small and large private practices, coach practitioners and organisations in building and managing private practice. HDC offers business improvement strategies in both the public and private sector.

HDC have a broad range of professional clinical and business expertise and experience in the health sector, ranging from economic planning and needs analysis, engagement and recruitment of clinicians, consultative marketing and business development strategies, project management, through to the design construction, and operationalising of multi-million dollar health infrastructure.

Health Hub Doctors Morayfield

Health Hub Doctors Morayfield is a medical community that provides patient care for our community with business opportunities for independent medical professionals.

Health Hub Doctors Woorim

Health Hub Doctors Woorim is a medical community on Bribie Island that is committed to promoting high quality, patient centred care for all patients.

Allied Health Hub Morayfield

Allied Health Hub Morayfield is committed to providing individuals with comprehensive and personalised Allied Health Care services that address their unique needs for support, care, and therapies.


Our Recruitment

Health Developments Corporation’s (HDC) recruitment team recruit medical practitioners globally to Australia’s Sunshine State. The team work with independent medical practitioners to help find the best medical center for their needs, continuing to support them throughout the recruitment process.