Peter Harvey


About Peter Harvey

Peter Harvey is Principal Consultant at Peter Harvey Dialysis Solutions. Peter’s in-depth knowledge of the renal dialysis market provides his clients a greater understanding and confidence when dealing with local and international industry for dialysis equipment, water treatment systems, consumables and service provision. This is particularly important when engaging for the first time in the provision of clinical services for Chronic Hemodialysis & Home Therapies. Peter has worked in the commercial world of dialysis for more than 30 years, through engineering services to sales and sales management, business development and the practical application of therapies for both chronic and acute dialysis, all coupled with a strong belief in an integrated care model for patients. Peter joined the commercial side of healthcare following a nine-year career in electrical technical systems with the Royal Australian Navy. He retains a connection with the RAN as Deputy Director of Policy Australian Navy Cadets where he is an Officer of Cadets holding the rank of Lieutenant Commander. In his spare time Peter is nearing completion of an MBA.