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Mary Slattery

Integrated Care Consulting

Mary is a senior health professional with broad experience in nursing and health service management. Mary has widely diversified skills across subacute, residential and a range of community health service programs with extensive experience as an executive member of health services both in rural and urban areas across Australia. Mary is highly regarded for her ability to form respectful working partnerships, and has successfully led transformational change and clinical redesign throughout a number of service areas to improve patient flow between the acute and primary care sectors.

The Integrating Care Consultancy team work with people, organisations, teams or individuals, to understand their needs and aspirations. Then they work collaboratively to develop frameworks for change. Change in the delivery of health and community care, change in processes of governance and change in the way in which you want to work with others for the improvement of your community, organisation or group. They are values driven and work as the ‘guide by your side’ to help you grow, evolve and refresh with a focus on people through the processes of change. Integrating Care Consultancy provides leadership in the evolution of health and community care through the use of a range of frameworks to move systems to a more people-centred, integrated approach.

  • Community Consultation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Service Integration
  • Culture Change
  • Governance Structures
  • Patient Centred Care