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Health Hub Doctors Morayfield

Health Hub Doctors Morayfield strives to provide for its patients through integrated patient-centred care. Within the clinic there is a large fully comprehensive General Practice, a Mum and Bub Hub, and a Minor Accident and Illness Centre in addition to a range of other services. The aim is to remove barriers to care by providing excellent quality services that are mostly bulk billed and can be accessed through either booked appointments or through walking-in through the Minor Accident and Illness Centre.

By breaking down barriers to care, we are able to ensure patients are getting access to affordable healthcare services on their terms. Health Hub Doctors Morayfield opened its doors in December 2017, covering a total surface area of 3000m2. During the initial planning phase of the centre, our economic analysis determined that over 90 GP’s would need to be brought into the area to service the current patient need. It has been calculated that another three Health Hubs will be needed in this area over the next ten years to keep up with the predicted population growth.

Our General Practice

Our General Practice offers a multitude of allied healthcare facilities all located under the one roof. We strive to offer the best possible integrated patient-centred care for you and your family. We are personalised and committed to your overall wellbeing and are open 7 days per week from 8AM – 8PM.

The extensive general practice within Health Hub Doctors Morayfield is a step up from an ordinary primary health centre. This general practice was designed to include primary and specialty ambulatory care services and acute services that are intended to complement and support already established health services in the local area.

Minor Accident and Illness Centre

A comprehensive service delivery analysis was completed by HDC which illustrated that the local hospital emergency department, Caboolture Hospital Emergency Department was
currently operating at over double (224%) its designed categorical capacity. Around 35% of the presentations there are classified as triage category 4 or 5. HDC determined that these
services could be delivered in an integrated urgent care centre without compromising patient care.

The Health Hub Morayfield presented an opportunity to deliver comprehensive and sustainable integrated services across acute, sub-acute and primary care in a cost effective manner and relieve current capacity constraints on Caboolture Emergency Department.

It was decided that within the Health Hub Doctors Morayfield would sit a comprehensive 38 bed Minor Accident and Illness Centre, based on models of care from New Zealand, the UK and the United States.

Mum and Bub Hub

The Mum & Bub Hub within the Health Hub Doctors Morayfield is designed to be a centre focused on the sexual and reproductive health of women and their babies. This hub integrates pre-pregnancy, antenatal, perinatal and post-natal services.

The Mum & Bub Hub is designed to be a warm, safe and nurturing space for women to visit. There is an on-site childcare drop off centre so mothers know their little ones will be taken care of while they have their appointment.

Embedded within this Mum & Bub Hub are registered nurses, midwives, obstetricians, gynaecologists, GP’s with special interests in women’s health, and lived-experience support groups.

Opening Hours

Monday 8am – 5pm
Tuesday 8am – 5pm
Wednesday 8am – 7pm
Thursday 8am – 5pm
Friday 8am – 5pm
Saturday 8am – 4pm
Sunday Closed
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